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Your Roller Derby skates must help you develop two fundamental characteristics: agility and power. There are many models on the market, of many brands: we offer you a choice of high-end products, tested and easy to manage from the point of view of maintenance, given the constant availability of spare parts.

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Roll Line Evo Frame

Evo frame chosen by champions for Figure Skating, Hockey and Roller Derby differently angled trucks: the greater inclination of the front axle allows the skater to enter spins more easily and...

€725.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days

Roll Line Matrix Frame

Matrix frame with lowered design. Chosen for competitions for Figure specialty, Hockey and Roller Derby.Trucks in alluminium alloy with titanium axles / BACK LEFT alluminium alloy with steel...

€680.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days

Roll Line Energy Frame

Due to its qualities this frame is highly appreciated by athletes who practice Figure specialty. It is also highly appreciated by our customers who use it in Hockey and Roller DerbyDescription and...

€615.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days

Chaya Ruby Soft

Chaya Ruby Soft The Chaya Ruby Soft is the most ´ready to go´ beginner package on the market.The Ruby is great value for money and comes equipped with all you need to start roller skating: low...

€135.00 Tax included

Chaya Emerald Soft

The Chaya Emerald Soft offers a sporty looking, light weight and breathable low cut boot plus superior comfort. The unique Powerknit teal coloured textile upper wraps your foot like a second skin...

€135.00 Tax included Ships in 1-2 business days