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The dance specialty of figure skating requires frames with particular steering groups, endowed with great qualities of agility and maneuverability. Furthermore, the skate must have an elegant profile, possibly with a reduced visual impact, to enhance the elegance of the athlete's figure. For this reason, we have chosen to offer the best products available on the market, used by the champions of the specialty, those of the Roll Line company. The Roll Line dance frames are produced with high quality materials, both as regards the metal components and the suspensions (bushings), which is the heart of the steering system. At RooL ART we check that every single pair is perfectly adjusted before delivery and we are able to adjust your skates, when necessary, bringing them back to peak performance.

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Roll Line Dance frame

This frame is specific for Dance and is made with high quality materials.Particularly appreciated by athletes who stand out nationally and worldwide. It comes with 1 set of wrenches for...

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