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Odor absorber

Odor absorbers perfect to keep your boots fresh, cool and dry. They contain a combination of active charcoal and Silica Gel. After use you can put them to dry on the radiator and soon after...

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Funny Laces

Mini silicone laces, resistant and elastic. They allow you to put on and take off your shoes quickly and easily.They fit shoes from n. 35 to n. 47.

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"Lite" anatomic insole

The Lite insole is made with a special material called EVA which is designed to adapt to weight and pressure of the foot.To maximize results, it is recommended to always combine them with the Noene...

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Shoes freshner

Convenient spray deodorant for skating boots and shoes: simply insert the can head inside the shoe and spray in the direction of the tip to obtain an effective refreshing action. We recommend...

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Edea laces

Carded polyester tubular flat laces, very resistant. Available in two colors,Ivory and Black, and in various sizes. For correct fastening, we recommend the use of the appropriate lacing.

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