RooL ART has a wide range of special products for skaters: technical clothing -both for summer and winter climates-, protective gears, cosmetics and hair styling products, bags and containers, products for the maintenance of your skates, detergents and lubricants, rhinestones, etc.
All products are carefully tested by our staff, to guarantee their quality and to be able to advise our customers both before and after purchase.
We also offer a wide range of services, such as: thermoforming and widening of boots, assembly of skates with advanced systems for centering and drilling to perfection, repair of Roll Line frames and replacement of any damaged or worn part, deodorization and sanitization of footwear with ozone, t application of rhinestones and decorations using a heat press, unlocking of mechanical parts with an induction heater, ultrasonic hot cleaning of ball bearings, etc.

Special products for skaters

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Designer Trolley

Travel trolley chosen by competitive athletes to always have everything you need at hand both in training and in the race. It can hold up to two pairs of skates, it is equipped with large internal...

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Edea Super Trolley

Voluminous and robust trolley for training and competition. The bellows system allows to increase the internal capacity. Equipped with double extendable handle and silent wheels.

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Skate backpack Bont  side view-1 Skate backpack Bont dimensions
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Skate Backpack-Bont

The Bont Skate backpack is very roomy and suitable for carrying your equipment comfortably and on any occasion. It has a capacity of 28 L and is equipped with internal mesh pockets, laptop pocket...

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Bearings puller

Bearingpress It is an indispensable accessory for athletes who want to always be ready to change wheels both during training and in the race. It is very easy to use and allows both the extraction...

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RDSkates skate bag

Practical skate bag with adjustable shoulder strap. At the base it has a convenient internal tray to store various accessories (shoes, spinner, jump rope, keys, wheels, tricks, etc.) Made of...

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Libra skate bag - Edea

With this bag you will easly carry with you your skates and everything you need for your training. It is very large, equipped with a rigid internal base, a large external mesh pocket for housing a...

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Bag With Me

With this bag you can have always available all your things: smartphone, keys, make up, etc. This bag has 9 pockets and it's made in strong fabric.

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