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For the free specialty of figure skating, we have chosen the best frames available on the market: those of the Roll Line. These are products of absolute excellence, entirely Made in Italy: just consider the level of the athletes who use them and the titles they have won.
The materials and the quality of the workmanship, carried out by mechanical machining of milling and turning from solid metal, leave no doubts about the precision, resistance and durability of these tools. We at RooL ART check every single pair before delivering it, checking that all adjustments are made perfect; nothing else is needed: you can start using your skates as soon as they are mounted.
All the spare parts for the RooL Line skates are always available, guaranteeing the seriousness and professionalism of the manufacturer. RooL ART naturally offers you all the necessary assistance both before and after your purchase, so you can rest assured: your investment is destined to last over time.

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Roll Line Evo Frame

Evo frame chosen by champions for Figure Skating, Hockey and Roller Derby differently angled trucks: the greater inclination of the front axle allows the skater to enter spins more easily and...

€725.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days

Roll Line Matrix Frame

Matrix frame with lowered design. Chosen for competitions for Figure specialty, Hockey and Roller Derby.Trucks in alluminium alloy with titanium axles / BACK LEFT alluminium alloy with steel...

€680.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days

Roll Line Energy Frame

Due to its qualities this frame is highly appreciated by athletes who practice Figure specialty. It is also highly appreciated by our customers who use it in Hockey and Roller DerbyDescription and...

€615.00 Tax included Usually ships in 7-9 business days