Figure wheels

The wheels for the free specialty form the interface between your skate and the track, they are the equivalent of the sole of a technical sports shoe! The characteristics required for this component are many: low rolling resistance, optimal grip on all surfaces (concrete, tiles, parquet, etc.), ability not to resist slipping when necessary - for example in the execution of some spins -, ability to absorb and return elastic energy during the execution of a jump, good duration. The study for the research of new compounds and technical solutions is continuous: we at RooL ART have chosen to offer our customers the figure skating wheels of Roll Line, at the forefront in this sector. For such a critical component, why not rely on leaders?

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Professional wheels

Professional wheels for the Figure specialty, with hot-cast polyurethane elastomer tread. This material offers a high grip and a very high wear resistance. These wheels are therefore suitable for...

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