Artistic boots

Boots, in figure skating, represent the interface between the athlete's foot and the skate. They are therefore a fundamental element of the kinematic chain that allows us to perform the figures we have come to know and appreciate: jumps, spins, steps, connecting elements. They must offer adequate sensitivity and high stability, to allow the execution of technical difficulties in complete safety. It is in fact necessary to offer the athlete sufficient support, to avoid possible distortions in the landing phase of a jump.
For this reason, RooL ART has decided to rely on a single manufacturer: Edea . An Italian company operating with this brand for almost 20 years (but with a much longer experience), Edea's activity has focused solely on this product, bringing it to exceptional levels of quality, as evidenced by the countless titles won by athletes wearing footwear of this brand.
We at RooL ART are able to customize your Edea boots, adapting them to the shape of your foot, in such a way as to offer you a comfort and a level of performance never reached before.

Artistic boots

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Edea Fly boots

The Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available in the market. For the aesthetic and technical qualities that distinguish it, it is chosen by athletes who distinguish themselves nationally...

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Edea Flamenco boots

The Flamenco model represents the top of the range of boots for Dance specialties. It stands out for its extreme flexibility and the wraparound collar. It is chosen by competitive athletes who...

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Boots Suono

The boots Suono are designed for Compulsory specialty. They are chosen by athletes becouse of their rigid structure that support the foot and allows you to maintain control. Suono is also...

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