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The figure skating boot is an element of extreme importance, as it performs at least three fundamental functions: mechanical interface between foot and skate, protective element for the joints and aesthetic-decorative element. The Edea boots we offer represent, in the roller skating sector, the top in the world as regards this component: the number of high-level athletes who rely on this brand - already today the majority - is constantly growth. As we know, however, every foot is different: for this reason, RooL ART offers a customization service of footwear by means of thermoforming and conformation of critical areas, in order to maximize the level of comfort and reduce the duration of the adaptation period. . For best results, we use the latest technologies, such as computerized 3D foot scanning. Furthermore, we are specialists in the assembly and maintenance of footwear: you can trust us with confidence for your skating boots.

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Edea Fly boots

The Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available in the market. For the aesthetic and technical qualities that distinguish it, it is chosen by athletes who distinguish themselves nationally...

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