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Professional sport clothing

Manufacturer of technical clothing for professional sports use, Lurbel designs and manufactures its garments in its own plant in Spain using special yarns, which make it possible to obtain elastic, breathable, anti-odor and easily washable fabrics.

Thermal shirt Alaska W

Women's long-sleeved thermal shirt.It is characterized by its versatility: while retaining the temperature, it quickly absorbs sweat, making it ideal as a first thermal layer for high-sweating...

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Freedom top W - Lurbel

Technical top made with iDT Neo Technology (combination of a carbonized bamboo yarn and a five-channel polyester yarn) odor free (double antibacterial barrier made with ionized polyamide) high...

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Cristallo Top

The main qualities of the iDT NEO technology applied to underwear is the neutralization of odors thanks to the double antibacterial barrier.This is made possible thanks to the silver ionized...

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