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Figure and ice skating boots

Italian company, world leader in the production of professional ankle boots for figure skating and ice.
Website: https://edeaskates.com/

Edea Fly boots

The Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available in the market. For the aesthetic and technical qualities that distinguish it, it is chosen by athletes who distinguish themselves nationally...

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Edea Flamenco boots

The Flamenco model represents the top of the range of boots for Dance specialties. It stands out for its extreme flexibility and the wraparound collar. It is chosen by competitive athletes who...

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Boots Suono

The boots Suono are designed for Compulsory specialty. They are chosen by athletes becouse of their rigid structure that support the foot and allows you to maintain control. Suono is also...

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Designer Trolley

Travel trolley chosen by competitive athletes to always have everything you need at hand both in training and in the race. It can hold up to two pairs of skates, it is equipped with large internal...

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Edea Super Trolley

Voluminous and robust trolley for training and competition. The bellows system allows to increase the internal capacity. Equipped with double extendable handle and silent wheels.

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Libra skate bag - Edea

With this bag you will easly carry with you your skates and everything you need for your training. It is very large, equipped with a rigid internal base, a large external mesh pocket for housing a...

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