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Skates and accessories

Chaya is the brand of the German company Powerslide specialized in skates for Roller Derby, Street Skating and skates for children.

Chaya Emerald Soft

The Chaya Emerald Soft offers a sporty looking, light weight and breathable low cut boot plus superior comfort. The unique Powerknit teal coloured textile upper wraps your foot like a second skin...

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Chaya Ruby Soft

Chaya Ruby Soft The Chaya Ruby Soft is the most ´ready to go´ beginner package on the market.The Ruby is great value for money and comes equipped with all you need to start roller skating: low...

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Tank Top - Chaya

Tank top with Chaya logo with racerback fit that allows greater freedom of movement. Very soft cotton blend fabric, black color. It is a clothing item suitable for leisure and training. Highly...

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Chaya toe stopper

With its wide surface area (48 mm in diameter) provides stability and predictable bite needed for acceleration and fast stops. It works great on all kinds of surfaces (wood, sport court, concrete...

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